SCF722/00 Philips Avent Avent Customizable learning spoon 6m+
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Philips Avent Avent Customizable learning spoon 6m+


Can I use a microwave to warm up my Philips Avent bottle?

We do not recommend using a microwave to warm up baby's food or drinks.

Microwaves might alter the quality

Microwaves might alter the quality of food/drinks and destroy some valuable nutrients. Microwaves do not heat evenly and they might leave “hot spots”, which could scald your baby.

When using the microwave

When heating up your Philips Avent bottle in the microwave, please only place the container without screw ring, AirFree vent, teat and cap. Always stir heated content to ensure even heat distribution and check the temperature before serving.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF722/00 , SCF680/62 , SCF754/00 , SCF752/00 , SCF750/00 , SCF683/67 , SCD281/00 , SCF764/00 , SCF686/61 , SCF760/00 , SCF762/00 , SCF718/00 , SCF683/61 , SCF683/62 , SCF670/01 , SCF137/05 , SCF666/17 , SCF660/17 , SCF663/17 , SCF660/27 , SCF606/01 , SCF609/01 , SCF608/01 , SCF643/27 , SCF602/42 , SCF646/42 , SCF643/42 , SCF602/87 , SCF175/11 , SCF646/37 , SCF646/17 , SCF643/37 , SCF643/17 , SCF643/07 , SCF640/37 , SCF640/27 , SCF640/17 , SCF640/05 , SCF640/04 , SCF635/27 , SCF634/27 , SCF633/27 , SCF632/27 , SCF631/27 , SCF604/11 , SCF602/22 , SCF602/12 , SCF602/02 , SCF602/01 , SCF600/12 , SCF600/11 , SCF200/00 , SCF710/00 , SCF712/00 , SCF714/00 , SCF716/00 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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