Your parenthood adventure begins now

When you have a child, you start an adventure that will permanently turn your life upside down. From pregnancy and birth to the early days with the baby, we want to accompany you and your partner with tips and ideas. In many years of working with midwives and through intensive research, we have been able to gather insights that we would like to share with you.


Baby step by baby step - we are here for you.

Early pregnancy

Early pregnancy

Just found out you're having a baby? Congratulations! You are probably experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, from joy to excitement to fear of everything that awaits you. We would like to accompany you during this time of change. Whatever you may feel and whatever circumstances you may find yourself in: baby step by baby step - we are there for you.

Early pregnancy video

The big day

So the big day can come

The countdown is on: Soon the baby will be here... Maybe everything went faster than you thought, or maybe the time at the end drags like chewing gum - either way, it won't be long now and your life will be upside down. Now it's time to pack your bag for the hospital, maybe you're planning a baby shower party or want to finalize the birth plan. Baby step by baby step - we are here for you.

So the big day can come video

Hello, baby!

Hello, Baby!

After months of excitement and eager anticipation, your child is finally here and as parents you are already in the midst of your new life task. Life with a newborn is a real challenge. Late nights, chaos in the household and sometimes self-doubt: "Am I even doing this right?" Don't be too hard on yourself and your partner. It's all part of your adventure journey as parents. And who's going to think about the leftover dishes when your baby is just starting to beam at you....

Baby step by baby step - we are here for you.

Hello baby video

Rediscover yourself

Rediscover yourself

Yeah! The last few weeks have been quite a challenge, but slowly, slowly it's getting there. Your new life is really taking off and you feel like you're in your parenting role.... well, almost like an old hand. Sleepless nights, endless Google searches and wild contortions just for a burp - you've gotten used to that by now. But then there are also those great moments. The first smile, that sweet chuckle and your wonderful cuddle times.


Don't forget to take pictures, because time flies and before you know it, the kids are grown. So enjoy all those first times and keep the memories safe.

Rediscover yourself video

Back to everyday life

Back from cuddle time to the hard reality of everyday life

It's not so easy to reconquer your old life with a child...  Striking the right balance presents you with a lot of challenges. Almost every mother knows the guilt of sneaking out of the house. That's exactly why it's so important to enjoy your time together and always plan one step ahead. That way, you can leave your child to others with a clear conscience.


When it comes to getting back to your old hobbies and social life, be patient with yourself. You probably can't wait to fit back into those skinny jeans. But your body has been through so much, it might take a while.


Baby step by baby step - we're here for you.

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