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The home of inspiration and connectivity. The brand new HomeID app.

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Your gateway to a connected home

Your gateway to a connected home

  • Connect to your home devices - wherever you are!
  • Discover your latest food obsessions and recipes
  • Join a rich community of amateur and professional cooks, and so much more!

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Join the HomeID Community

Join the HomeID Community

Whether you want to discover your next favourite recipe, share your latest creation with other foodies, or just get inspired, our Community is where you can do it.

HomeID is loaded with a range of new feature, including:

HomeID is loaded with a range of new feature, including:

HomeID application logo

Download the HomeID app and unlock your home's true potential!

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Will this update affect my registered account on NutriU (Kitchen+) and/or Coffee+ app?

No, you can log-in to HomeID with the same credentials you used for NutriU (Kitchen+) and Coffee+.

Do I need to add my appliances all over again? 

No, all the appliances from your profile are automatically available on HomeID, including connected devices. 

Will I have to update my settings and preferences? 

No, your account settings from the old app are already available on HomeID, so you won't need to update them (unless you want to).

What will happen to my recipes, favourites, and recipe books? 

They're ready and waiting for you in HomeID.

What new appliances will be available? 

Alongside all the appliances from NutriU (Kitchen+), we've added all the coffee machines supported by the Coffee+ app. All these appliances are available to add on HomeID, depending on local availability. Also, stay tuned for new product category updates as we roll them out. 

Will there be any changes to the app's privacy policy? 

No, our commitment to your privacy and account security remains as strong as ever.

Can I opt out of the change? 

No, all NutriU (Kitchen+) and Coffee+ users will be transferred to HomeID automatically when the app updates. We worked hard on bringing the best user experience to you. 

In which countries the HomeID app will be available?

The HomeID app will be available in all countries where the NutriU app and the Coffee+ app is available now.  

Why the change?

In our commitment to providing you with the best possible app experience, we've been hard at work refining every aspect of the app. The upcoming changes are more than just a facelift – they represent a leap forward in functionality, design, and overall, your user satisfaction.

Why HomeID?

Home is where so many of life's moments happen, both big and small. Your home, those you share it with, and how you choose to live your daily life are a part of who you are. 


Home and identity (ID) are interlinked, and that's why we combined those two English words to create our new app name. 

What about the NutriU Community? 

All community features are available on HomeID, including commenting, sharing, and creating your own recipes and recipe books. 

Will the NutriU app users have to download the app again?

No, it is just a new normal app update of the NutriU app to HomeID app. 

Will the Coffee+ app still be available after launch? 

The Coffee+ app will be closed right after the finishing two steps: 

1. The HomeID app will be available for all Coffee+ app users. 

2. All Coffee+ app users and their profiles will be migrated to HomeID app.  

Do I have to download HomeID app?

Yes, all Coffee+ app users should download the HomeID app for latest inspiration and guidance regarding your device. The link for downloading the new app will be available in the Coffee+ app as well.

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