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The concept of “being a man” has changed over the years, and archaic stereotypes are no longer relevant. Standards are changing and traditional takes on masculinity are constantly being challenged by the modern man.


Men can be well-rounded, adaptive, sensitive and accepting of differences. The modern man is now defined by himself, his own preferences, his aspirations and how he handles his insecurities. We want to inspire men to express their inner confidence and to trust their instincts when it comes to making choices about what matters most to them. Life is full of contradictions and men are surrounded by many different influences; Philips encourages men to trust their instincts and do what feels right.


Discover our male grooming ranges below:

Male Grooming Hub

Discover tips, tricks and inspiration to get a better shave or trim


Our shavers offer a close, comfort­able shave with technology that adapts to your face. Clean shaving has never been this simple.

Close-up photograph of a man using a Philips shaver to shave his beard


Trim, edge and shave any length of hair. For face, body and sensitive areas, the Philips OneBlade is the male grooming tool that does it all.

Close up photo of a man using a Philips OneBlade male grooming tool to shape his beard

Hair Clippers

Designed for precision and ease, Philips hair clippers allow you to cut any length of hair from the comfort of your home

Cropped photograph of a man using Philips clippers to cut his hair

Multigroom Kits

Stay sharp from head to toe with one device: versatile all-in-one men’s multigroomers for an overall trim and shave.

Close up photograph of a man using a men’s multi groomer to trim his beard

Body Groomers

Trim and shave any length of hair below the neck. Our full-body men’s grooming tools are designed for easy and gentle use, even on sensitive or hard-to-reach areas.

Close up photograph of a man from the back using a Philips body groomer to shave his back

Where’s it for?

What does it do?

How short does it cut?

Are there waterproof options?


No beard


Experience our range of electric shavers, cutting each hair exceptionally close.

Close and comfortable shave.





Trim, edge and shave any length of hair. A quick and comfortable shave that delivers a personalized shaving experience.

0.4mm - 14mm


Beard Trimmers

Full beard
Beard trim


Expert beard trimming tool for precise, professional results. Create a number of facial styles, such as stubble, short beards and even long beards.

0.4mm - 20mm


Multi Grooming Kits

Muti groom beard
Multi groom body


One simple versatile tool to do it all.

1mm - 16mm


Hair Clippers

Hair clipper grey beard


Get an even hair trim from the comfort of your home.

0.5mm - 42mm


Body Groomers

Body groomer


Trim and shave any length of hair below the neck.

Close shave - 11mm


Nose & Ear Trimmers

Multi groom body


Battery operated tool to trim your nose, ears, eyebrows; and for facial detailing touch-ups.

Comfortable trim


*Model QP2620 for face and body, remaining models beard only. All OneBlade models are suitable for the body attachment (separate purchase required).

Philips No1

Philips - the world’s number one electric shaving brand! World’s No 1 Electric Shaving brand*

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited, Consumer Appliances 2018ed, per body shavers category definition, retail volume sales in units, 2017 data

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