Lumea IPL hair removal system

For use on body only, 15 minutes to treat lower legs, Lifetime >100.000 light pulses, Cordless design SC2001/00


How do I clean my Philips Lumea?

It's crucial to clean the light exit filter and the attachments (if present) of your Lumea, after each treatment. This will ensure optimal results and a long life.

How to clean your Philips Lumea

  • Device must be switched off and disconnected from the mains
  • Clean the surface of the filter glass, the outside surface of the attachment (if present) and the metallic frame inside the attachment with a cloth or a cotton tip
  • If water does not clean effectively, use a few drops of high percentage alcohol. This is to remove residue like hair or dirt, which can build up from the flashing process and may cause an increased heat sensation or skin reactions if left uncleaned.
  • Use the soft cloth provided and make sure that you follow the full cleaning instructions in the user manual

The information on this page applies to the following models: SC2001/00 .