5.1 Home theater

3D Angled Speakers, Blu-ray 3D playback HTS5580/12


How to connect my Philips theatre to my PC (DLNA)?

It is possible to stream your music, pictures or video stored on your PC (DLNA) to your Philips home theatre system. See the simple steps to be performed below:

Before you start:

  • Connect your player to your home network * Set up a media player

2. Use the player's remote

On your player's remote control, press Home button and select 'browse PC', and then press OK.

3. Select [browse PC] then press OK

You see a list of files and folders in your media server

4. If more than one media server is connected to your network

Press w (left). You see a list of media servers in your network. Select your media server and press OK.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HTS5580/12 , HTS9140/12 .

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