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    We have been leading the way in exploring automotive lighting possibilities for the last 100 years, we believe it’s our duty to continue innovating for the next 100 years. To always be the first to improve, often discover, sometimes fail, but always keep searching. To keep designing innovative solutions adapted to each driver and road user.

    Check out the three product ranges on how we are making LED driving light innovations work in the automotive lighting industry.

    The power to cut through darkness with safety and style

    Ultinon Drive 5100/7000


    Powerful brightness driving safety at the wheel

    Superior visibilty icon

    Illuminates the road ahead for up to 520 meters

    Enables drivers to react faster on dark, rural and dirt roads

    Front postion icon

    Dual-color LED position lights

    Ensure you never go unnoticed on side roads or in parking areas

    Defront lens icon

    Remove ice and snow off the lens with de-icing function

    Ensure great lighting performance even in the worst weather conditions

    UD 5102 Lightbars
    UD 5101 product

    Ultinon Drive 2000


    Boosted visibility brings safer driving

    Superior visibilty icon

    lluminate the road ahead for up to 400 meters

    Provides ample visibility ahead and at the road's edges for faster reactions

    Front postion icon

    Extra LED position lights

    Ensure you never go unnoticed on side roads or in parking areas

    Road white icon

    100% road-legal for high-beam and position-light functions

    Fully compliant with ECE R149 standards, they are approved for use on public roads

    UD 2001L lightbars
    UD 2001 product

    Benefits your business with
    Philips innovations


    Innovation is hard work.
    Innovation that breaks conventions is even harder work.
    And innovation that influences others and defines new limits is a perpetual quest.
    Our 100 years of experience have taught us what it takes to create innovations that challenge boundaries. For us, unblocking the full potential of automotive lighting is both an objective and a driving force. Because innovation never ends! We are proud to be your partner in automotive lighting to shape the future together.

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    Advanced exclusive technology


    We own more than 420 patent families, and each year, we file 50 new patents.

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    Original equipment quality


    We are the choice of major car manufacturers.

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    100 years of experience


    Our lighting equips one in two cars in Europe and one in three manufacturers in the world.

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    Quality and   innovation
    do make a difference


    Switch to Philips LED driving lights and experience the long lasting, quality light. Watch the video to learn more about our LED driving light innovations!

    Ultinon 5100 7000 video

    Ultinon Drive 5100/7000

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