Micro Hi-Fi System

MP3/WMA-CD playback, wall-mountable MCM240B/98


How to set RDS clock on my Philips micro Hi-Fi?

Some RDS radio stations may be transmitting a real-time clock at minute intervals. It is possible to set the clock using a time signal which is broadcast together with the RDS signal. 1. Tune to a RDS station from the FM band 2. Press and hold DISPLAY until SET CLOCK is displayed. 3. Press RDS. 4. SEARCH RDS TIME is displayed. * When the RDS time is read, the current time will be stored. * If the RDS station does not transmit RDS time within 90 seconds, NO RDS TIME is displayed.

The information on this page applies to the following models: MCM240B/98 , MCM240/21M .

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