X-treme Ultinon LED

    Interior lighting

    Drive with maximum safety and style

    Philips LED bulbs with 360° optical design ensure ultimate safety and style for your ride with its uniform light diffusion and ultra brightness. Long-lasting and high-resistant LEDs give you 12 years of hassle-free driving See all benefits

  • Drive with maximum safety and style

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Interior lighting

T10, CeraLight 360°, 6000K - Xenon white 127996000KX2 Find similar products

New Philips packaging design

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Drive with maximum safety and style

New 360° uniform light diffusion

  • 1-click installation

    1-click installation

    Designed to fit in one click standard T10 cap, type w2.1x9.5d

  • 360° light diffusion

    360° light diffusion

    Improved 360° optical design for uniform light diffusion

  • Bright 6000K xenon white light

    Bright 6000K xenon white light

    High power Philips 6000K LED bulbs with xenon white effect to enhance the style of your lights

  • Patented cooling system

    Optimal thermal design for maximum cooling of LED to ensure ultra-long service life

  • Shock and vibration resistance

    Unique robust design provides enhanced resistance to shocks and vibrations

  • Short-circuit protection

    Philips CeraLight ceramic-based patented design ensures perfect insulation from short-circuit

  • 360° uniform light diffusion

    360° optical design for uniform light diffusion.

  • ECE beam pattern compliant*

    Similar or better beam pattern than standard halogen lamp, to see and be seen better. * There is no ECE regulation existing for LED bulbs. ECE beam pattern compliance is tested on several commonly used luminaires where the LED bulb beam pattern matches the ECE approved halogen beam pattern

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