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I can't open my Philips SpeedPro (Max) bucket

Updated on 2021-07-04
If you can't open your Philips SpeedPro (Max) bucket, there might be a simple solution. Find out how to solve it yourself here.

The steps to open the bucket are not being properly followed

When trying to open your SpeedPro (Max) bucket, please make sure to follow these steps:
  1. Press the release button on top of your SpeedPro (Max) to release the dust container. Take out the dust container
  2. Open the dust container lid
  3. Empty the contents in a bin
  4. Replace the dust container lid. It is properly closed when you hear a click (see image 4)
  5. Replace the dust container. It is properly replaced when you hear a click.
Opening the bucket lid in your Philips SpeedPro Max vacuum

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