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The temperature of the coffee from my Philips Espresso Machine is not warm enough

Updated on 11 August 2022

If the coffee from your Philips Espresso Machine is not warm enough, try following the tips below to improve the coffee temperature.

Adjust temperature settings (specific models only)

If your espresso machine has an option to adjust the coffee temperature, simply set the temperature to the highest possible setting.

For more accurate step-by-step instructions, you can check your espresso machine's User Manual, which you can find on the Philips website.

Pre-heat the cup before brewing a drink

A cold cup reduces the temperature of the drink. We advise pre-heating the cup by rinsing it with hot water before brewing the coffee.

Adding milk to the coffee

When you add cold milk or steamed froth milk to your coffee, it will always reduce the temperature of the coffee.

Machine needs to be descaled

Limescale could build up inside your machine and cause it to decrease the temperature of your coffee. To descale your coffee machine, please refer to the User Manual or visit our Consumer Care page.

If these solutions did not help to solve the issue, please contact us for further assistance.

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