Cordless telephone

    Cordless telephone

    The Smart Choice

    DECT 5 series is especially designed for people who have a keen preference for performance and quality. Simple and elegant, boosted with no non-sense features, this phone typifies the "smart choice"


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The Smart Choice

  • Store up to 250 names-numbers in your phonebook

    No need to try learning the phone numbers of your friends and family. By assigning a name to a number, you only have to search for the name and the number automatically comes with it.

  • 300-hours standby time autonomy

    Leave your handset off the base for more than 12 days without the need to recharge it. This contributes to make a very environment friendly device.

  • Store up to 60 short messages (SMS)

    Keep traces of the messages you receive. Thanks to the large onboard storage capacity, you do not need to erase precious messages anymore.

  • Download ringtones from dedicated sites

    This function offers the possibility to personalize your phone by downloading ringtones. Simply call the dedicated service provider and select your favourite song. An SMS is sent to you, together with the attached melody. You can select this melody as any other ringtones (country and network dependent).

  • Identify your friends by the ringtone

    Identify who's calling by the ringtone! The VIP icons and melodies indicate to which group in the phonebook the caller belongs. Phonebook entries can be divided in different VIP groups for which you can allocate a specific ringtone.

  • Have a dedicated SMS box for each family member

    With a personal SMS box, you are assured that nobody except you will read your messages. Your box is protected by a pin-code that you define.

  • Display for numbers, letters, icons and drawings

    This type of displays makes it easier to use your phone, thanks to the good quality and legibility of the characters. It also gives you more freedom in communication from your home. Now you can combine text with images or numbers, when sending an SMS for example.

  • Facilitates the seizure of a text

    The Predictive Text Input saves you time and hassle while typing an SMS text. An internal software guesses the word your want to write, based on the letters you have already typed in. It greatly quickens the seizing process.

  • Talk on the phone without holding the handset

    The handsfree speaker phone lets you hold a conversation while your hands are busy with something else and wherever you are. With both the speaker and the microphone in front of the handset, it is just like talking face to face with your correspondent.

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