LCD monitor

    LCD monitor

    Surround yourself in entertainment

    Place yourself in the center of a totally awesome entertainment experience with the Philips 190G6. Exciting concave design surrounds you with sights, sounds and sensations that bring movies, music and games to life like never before. See all benefits

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LCD monitor

48 cm (19"), multimedia, SXGA 190G6FB/00 Find similar products

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Surround yourself in entertainment

  • ActiveBright for high brightness and razor sharp colors

    The ActiveBright delivers high-definition-TV-like quality by displaying brilliant, razor sharp colors and a wide viewing angle for the very best in multimedia entertainment.

  • Ready to display HD content

    A high definition monitor is a display device designed to deliver the exceptional picture quality of high definition pictures, one fully prepared for HD sources like HD set top boxes. A HD monitor offers picture quality beyond that of progressive scan, conforming to strict standards for HD screens that display high resolution, top picture quality signals through a universal connection for either analog VGA or uncompressed DVI digital connections and supports HDCP. It displays 720p (1280x720p @ 50 and 60 Hz progressive) and 1080i (1920x1080i @ 50 and 60 Hz interlaced) signals.

  • Fast 8ms On/off response time:Great text & graphics display

    On-Off response time is the period required for a liquid crystal cell to go from active (black) to inactive (white) and back to active (black) again. It is measured in milliseconds. Faster is better: Lower response time means faster transitions and, therefore, results in fewer visible image artifacts in the display of transition of text and graphics. On-Off response time is a more important measure in the display of business content like documents, graphs and photos.

  • 20-watt active subwoofer for deeper bass experience

    A subwoofer is a speaker that reproduces the lower end of the audio spectrum. The monitor has a separate subwoofer that is optimized to reproduce bass frequencies and satellite speakers that are optimized for mid- and high-range frequencies. The result is a system that powerfully reproduces the full range of audio frequencies from deep bass to crystal clear high notes with the minimum of distortion.

  • 3D virtual surround sound

    Virtual 3D Surround Sound is an advanced sound enhancement technology that provides a simulated surround sound effect from stereo sources for a more immersive and realistic soundscape.

  • Easy-to-use Sound Agent 2 optimizes the audio experience

    Sound Agent 2 is intelligent software that comes with a fun and easy-to-use graphical interface. It takes the confusion out of PC audio by automatically optimizing sounds for all popular formats. Sound Agent 2 makes it easy to fine-tune any audio performance to suit your personal musical taste.

  • Digitally transmitted PC audio

    Digital transmission of PC audio signals over a USB cable instead of the old analog mini-jack cable that delivers instant up mix for incredible surround effects without the distortion caused by digital/analog conversion.

  • High-speed USB 2.0 hub for easy connections

    The universal serial bus or USB is a standard protocol for linking PCs and peripherals. Because it delivers high speed at a low cost, USB has become the most popular method for connecting peripheral devices to a computer. A USB 2.0 hub located on the monitor provides a conveniently located, easy-to-use, high-speed connection for reading, writing, loading and transferring programs, data, digital media or music files to, from or among your PC and one or more USB devices.

  • Displays video signals from a variety of AV sources

    Display signals from a rich variety of AV devices.

  • Preset hot keys to optimize sound for favorite music genres

    Preset hotkeys that instantly change audio settings for enhanced surround sound effects. Four audio environments are offered: Neutral, Rock, Jazz and Classic. There's a mode just right for every application.

  • Concave design surrounds you with awesome entertainment

    Cutting edge concave design is a breakthrough in entertainment that surrounds you with exciting sights and sounds, putting you right smack in the center of a totally encompassing, totally awesome entertainment experience.

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