CD Soundmachine

CD, cassette AZ127/73


Tracks on my Philips device are played in wrong order

Make sure that the following modes are deactivated: * Repeat * Shuffle * Repeat All * Shuffle Repeat All * Program Mode

How to deactivate the above mentioned modes?

Open the CD door and then close it to deactivate the above playback modes.

General information

The playback sequence depends on the ID3 tag number of the audio tracks (i.e., the songs). Therefore, for home-burn CDs, entering the correct number in the ID3 tag field of a song before you burn the CD is important. The screenshot below shows an example of an audio track showing the ID3 tag number.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AZ127/73 , AZ1021/12 , AZ1022/12 , AZ1017/98 , MCM277/98 , AZ5160/98 , AZ5140/98 , AZ1027/12 , AZ302/98 , AZ1302/98 , MCM275/98 , FWD798/98 , FWD792/98 , FWD573/98 , FWD576/21M , AZ1226/01 , FWM570/21 , PSS010/01 , FWM779/21 , FWM589/21 , FWM399/21M , FWM390/21M , FWM390/21 , FWM399/21 , FWD790/21M , FWD796/21M . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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