Shaver series 5000 Dry electric shaver

MultiPrecision Blade System, 5-direction Flex Heads, P. Trimmer & Nose Trimmer, SmartClean System S5510/37


My Philips shaver display shows 3 circles in a triangle

This signal reminds you to replace the shaving heads of your Philips shaver. New shaving heads guarantee continued optimal shaving performance.


The signal your shaver gives depends on your model. Some shavers beep, while others show a flashing shaving head symbol on the display. There are also models that beep and show a reminder signal on the display at the same time.

How to reset the reminder signal:

The replacement reminder is repeated after 7 to 10 successive shaves, depending on the model.
In some models, you can reset the razor. Press and hold the On/Off button for approximately 10 seconds.

If the shaving head symbol is shown in combination with an exclamation mark (“!“) and a tap symbol, it means that the shaving heads are blocked. When this happens, you have to clean the shaving heads or replace them. (Note: only certain models have this feature)

Reminder signal

The information on this page applies to the following models: S5510/37 , S7530/50 , S7510/41 , S5510/45 , S5420/06 , S9111/31 , AT790/17 , PT927/18 , PT927/21 , RQ1175/16 , AT750/16 , AT890/16 , PT710/14 , PT920/21 , PT920/18 , PT725/14 , PT720/14 , HQ8/50 , RQ12/50 , RQ11/50 , HQ9/50 , RQ1150/17 , RQ1280/17 , RQ1260/17 , RQ1250/17 , RQ1180/17 , RQ1160/17 , RQ12/40 , RQ1160/21 , RQ1280/21 , RQ1160/22 , RQ1180/16 , RQ1095/21 , HQ8/40 , RQ1060/19 , RQ1050/17 , HQ9/40 , HQ9170/16 , HQ9199/22 , HQ9190/22 . more less

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