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My Philips styler does not work

There can be several reasons why your Philips styler does not work. To determine what the problem might be, try the following.

Make sure that your styler is plugged and switched on

For Philips heatstylers: Press the ON/OFF button until the display lights up or move the ON/OFF slide switch to the I position.

Select a temperature and wait a minute to let the styler heat up.

For Philips hairdryers: Select an airflow setting.

Check that the power supply is working

If the styler is still not working, plug another device into the power socket to check whether the socket is live.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP8323/00 , HP8321/00 , BHD001/00 , HP8640/50 , BHD004/00 , BHD176/00 , HP8319/00 , HP8644/40 , HP8344/20 , HP8320/00 , HP8641/00 , HP8294/00 , HP8344/00 , HP8343/00 , HP8294/40 , HP8600/40 , HP8602/00 , HP8605/00 , HP8298/22 , HP8299/00 , HP8260/00 , HP8339/00 , HP8298/00 , HP8309/00 , HP8309/03 , HP8651/00 , HP8180/00 , HP8182/00 , HP4960/00 , HP4983/00 , HP4661/00 , HP4669/00 , HP4984/00 , HP4892/00 , HP4883/00 . more less

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