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Digital zoom in

Our webcams combine a real 1.3 Mega Pixel sensor with interpolation technology. 1.3 Mega Pixels is the highest resolution available for a webcam. With it you can use your webcam as a camera for taking high-quality photographs which are even good enough for printing larger sized, high-quality images. Interpolated resolutions deliver a far greater picture compared to optical resolutions. Snapshot resolutions are possible up to 6 Mega Pixels. For video it's up to 2 Mega Pixels.

Noise and echo reduction

Based on Philips patented technologies, noise and echo reduction is realized. The result is clear and natural voices while live video chatting or calling.

Change your background

Replace your real-life background with one of many virtual backgrounds by-packed with your webcam software. Fool your friends into thinking you're somewhere else. You can move around and chat as normal while the software automatically fills in the background behind you.

Image quality
Digital zoom

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