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What is Connector ring?

Installing LED upgrades can get complicated: Philips connector rings ensure a better fit for your peace of mind.
automotive led type b ring
Type B
automotive led type c ring
Type C

LED connector rings' benefits

easy to fit

Easy to fit

Philips LED connector rings ensure your bulbs fit the widest range of car models, giving you peace of mind and great lighting performance.
easy installation

Easy installation

Both connector ring types have an integrated protractor to make sure that they are installed at the right angle and correctly oriented.
compatible with major car models

Compatible with major car models

To achieve a good fit in a wide range of car models, two model-specific connector rings are available for Philips LED-HL [≈H7].
reliable philips quality

Reliable Philips quality

Philips connector rings are made of durable metal, can handle high temperatures and provide long-lasting performance. Tested in the toughest conditions, they are proven to withstand physical and thermal stress.

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