Preparing and instailling your Saeco AquaClean filter

No descaling for up to 5000 cups*


Enjoy up to 625 cups* of great-tasting coffee from every AquaClean filter!


With Saeco's patented AquaClean water filter you don’t have to descale your espresso machine for up to 5000 cups*. You also get up to 625 cups* of coffee made from pure, clear water from each filter.

*Actual number of cups depends on selected coffee varieties, rinsing and cleaning patterns.

How to prepare and install your AquaClean filter for first time use

Installing your AquaClean filter

Using an AquaClean filter for the first time with your Saeco espresso machine 
Preparing and installing

Installing your AquaClean filter

Step 1

During first time use your Saeco espresso machine will ask you if you want to activate the AquaClean filter. Activation will only take 2 minutes. Confirm with 'OK' to start. If you want to install the filter later on, select 'AquaClean' via the machine menu to start the activation.
Activating your AquaClean filter

Step 2

Remove the filter from the packaging and shake the filter for 5 seconds.
Removing your AquaClean filter from the packaging

Step 3

Immerse the AquaClean filter upside down in a jug with cold water and wait until no more air bubbles emerge. Remove the water tank from the machine and empty it.
Removing the air from your AquaClean filter

Step 4

Insert the AquaClean filter vertically onto the filter connection of the empty water tank. Push the AquaClean filter to the lowest possible point. To guarantee the best performance, ensure the filter fits tightly and the seal is in the right position.
Inserting your AquaClean filter

Step 5

Fill the water tank with fresh water up to the 'Max' level indication and replace it in the machine.
Filling the water tank

Step 6

Insert the hot water dispensing spout into the machine and place a container under the hot water spout.
Inserting the hot water dispensing spout

Step 7

Confirm the placement of the hot water spout and container. The machine begins dispensing water. The display will show a tick to confirm the activation is finished.
Confirming the placement of the spout and container

Step 8

After correct installation, the 'AquaClean 100%' icon will be visible in the display.

Search the user manual of your saeco expresso machine

You can access plenty of additional information on your Saeco espresso machine with a couple of clicks.

Where can I purchase the AquaClean filter?


The AquaClean filter is available from various online retailers. Click on one of the links below for more information.

AquaClean filter


Saves you descaling
No descaling for up to 5000 cups*
Purer water = purer coffee
Up to 625 cups of coffee with pure, clear water from each filter.*
Easy to install

Buy AquaClean from a retailer

*Actual number of cups depends on selected coffee varieties, rinsing and cleaning patterns.