Daily Collection Mixer

300 W, 5 speeds, Strip beater HR1459/00


How to avoid splashing during mixing?

  • Check if the lid is closed properly
  • Check if the measuring cup is placed properly on the lid
  • Do not fill beyond the maximum capacity stated in the user manual
  • Fill up 80% of the maximum capacity if you process hot liquids or ingredients that tend to foam
  • Start mixing at a low speed. Increase the speed gradually.
  • When adding liquids or when whipping cream, increase the speed when the mixture has tickened
  • Never open the lid during processing
  • When you have switched the appliance off, wait until the blade has stopped turning completely before opening the lid

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1459/00 , HR2103/03 , HR2096/03 , HR2100/90 , HR2100/00 , HR1847/00 , HR2096/00 , HR1565/20 , HR2161/40 , HR2021/70 , HR2800/50 , HR2084/90 , HR1456/70 , HR1538/00 . more less

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