Lumea IPL hair removal system

For use on body only, 15 minutes to treat lower legs, Lifetime >100.000 light pulses, Cordless design SC2001/00

Frequently Asked Questions

What differs between salon and at-home treatments?

Philips Lumea IPL technology is derived from the technology used in professional salons. We have, however, adapted the technology for safe and effective use at home.

Professional IPL treatment vs at home treatment

In general, professional IPL treatment in salons use light intensities at a much higher energy level, which might be perceived painful. Removing 100% of hairs permanently with IPL is highly unlikely, even in professional salon treatments. Even there, maintenance treatments are required from time to time.
Your skin remains smooth and hair free even in between two treatments.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SC2001/00 .