PowerPro Aqua Stick vacuum cleaner

2-in-1, Vacuum and mop, 18 V FC6402/01


My Philips PowerPro Aqua releases more water than usual

This can have several causes:

Cause: The water tank is held in an incorrect position

Always make sure that the water tank is held with the microfibre cloth straight up or straight down. If you position the water tank differently, there is a possibility that the water will flow quickly through the wetting strip on the bottom of the water tank.

Cause: The cap of the water tank is not properly closed

Close the cap after filling the water tank with water.

Cause: The strip is not placed properly in the bottom of the water tank

Check the strip and make sure that it is fitted properly in the bottom plate of the water tank.

If the solutions provided do not help to solve your problem, please contact the Philips Consumer Care Centre in your country.

Properly assembled bottom of the water tank

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC6402/01 .

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