Philips Hairclipper series 3000 Hair clipper HC3400/15 Stainless steel blades 13 length settings Corded use with DualCut Technology



How does the length setting on my Philips groomer work?

The length setting on your Philips groomer is indicated by a figure on the comb or display. This figure represents the remaining hair length after grooming. This can be the hair length in mm or inches, or a setting.

How to set your length:

1) Make sure that you place the comb correctly

2) Depending on your model, adjust the length:

  • By turning the zoom wheel
  • By pressing the setting selector on the comb and sliding it to the desired setting.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HC3400/15 , QS6141/32 , HC3410/15 , HC5440/15 , HC5450/80 , QC5130/15 , QG3320/15 , QS6140/15 , QC5550/15 , QT4022/15 , QC5120/15 , QT4021/16 , QC5170/02 , QC5005/10 , QC5015/10 , QC5050/00 , QC5070/80 . more less

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