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    Ultinon Pro5000 LED

    LED technology

    Ultinon Pro5000 LED 


    Original automotive performance in LED

    Breakthrough LED for driving enthusiasts.

    Top-quality Lumileds LED features a daylight like white beam with its 5800 Kelvin. It illumates everything brightly and clearly without dazzling oncoming drivers. Fit these compact bulbs to your car for a more comfortable driving experience.

    Ultinon Pro5000 LED city bridge

    Up to +160% brighter light*

    Philips Ultinon Pro5000 LED car headlight bulbs increase your visibility by up to 160%*. Once you experience this daylight–like effect, you’ll always prefer LED.

    Crisp white light, with up to 5 800 K

    The clearer vision this provides makes it easier to spot obstacles and take the perfect driving line.

    Built to last up to 3,000 hours

    Philips AirBoost technology is a smart cooling system that diverts heat away from the light's critical components. Philips Ultinon Pro5000 provides up to 3,000 hours' use.
    wider usability

    12V - 24V for wider usability

    Philips Ultinon Pro5000 is compatible with 12V and 24V electrical systems, making it suitable for most vehicle types.
    improved visibility

    Experience improved visibility

    Thanks to the perfect positioning of the LED chips on the Philips Ultinon Pro5000 bulbs, drivers have light exactly where they need it on the road without dazzling oncoming vehicles.
    high compatibility

    High compatibility

    Philips Ultinon Pro5000 LED's one-piece design and integrated electronics make fitting easier. This bulb is compatible with a wide range of car models and can be easily installed by DIYers or specialist mechanics. 
    *Compared to the minimum legal standard

    What makes Philips LED headlight bulbs unique? 

    Ultinon Pro5000 LED unique points
    *LED bulb image is a representation of Ultinon Pro9000 model.
    **Philips Light Repair CANbus is directly integrated into our new-generation bulbs (Ultinon Pro5000 and Ultinon Pro9000) to prevent flickering. No need for additional accessories! In some rare cases, an additional CANbus might be required to eliminate the flickering effect completely. Please note a separate Adaptor CANbus is still required to prevent inaccurate dashboard error.
    Halogen standard Ultinon Pro5000 LED
    *Image for illustration purposes only.

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    Extra brightness
    Up to 160%*
    Up to 250%*
    Light colour
    Up to 3,200 K
    Up to 6,500 K
    Up to 5,800 K
    Up to 5,800 K
    Up to 600 hours
    Up to 1,500 hours
    Up to 3,000 hours
    Up to 5,000 hours
    2 years
    2 years +1 extended warranty**
    2 years +3 extended warranty**
    Available in
    [≈H1], [≈H3], [≈H4], [≈H7], [≈H11], [≈H8/H11/H16], [≈HIR2],[≈HB3/HB4]
    [≈H1], [≈H3], [≈H4], [≈H7], [≈H11], [≈H8/H11/H16], [≈HIR2], [≈HB3/HB4]
    [≈H1], [≈H3], [≈H4], [≈H7], [≈H11],[≈H8/H11/H16], [≈HIR2], [≈HB3/HB4]
    ECE R37
    It is your own responsibility to ensure that the use of the LED retrofit lights complies with applicable local legal requirements

    The lamps are not permitted to use on public roads.

    *Compared to the minimum legal standard for halogen bulbs. Up to +200% for Ultinon Pro9000 HL [H1] and [H3] types.
    **For extended warranty (+1 year/ +3 years) of your Philips headlight bulbs, please contact our call center to register them.

    Experience the power of Ultinon Pro5000 LED

    Original Equipment quality

    LED innovations


    The exciting new Philips LED ranges push the boundaries of light once again, performing at automotive OEM level.

    The superior beam performance of the Philips Ultinon Pro5000 LED helps you identify dangerous situations faster and stay in perfect control of your vehicle – whatever road conditions you're facing.


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