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The new Avent electric steam steriliser has been designed to make sterilising as easy as possible. With adjustable size, it takes up less kitchen space and the baskets fit both wide and narrow neck bottles. A single sterilising cycle takes as little as 6 minutes and the natural steam sterilisation kills 99.9% of harmful germs to ensure maximum peace of mind for you.

See which steriliser works for you

  Microwave Steam Steriliser
3-1 electric steriliser
Keeps contents sterile for 24 hours yes yes
Sterilising time 2 min 6 min
Auto shut off no yes
Adjustable in three sizes
no yes
Capacity 4 bottles 6 bottles
BPA free material
yes yes
Includes tongs yes yes
Includes Dish washer basket
no no
Overallrating No rating yet


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