The top five timeless beard & mustache styles

Anyone who hasn’t spent the last few years in outer space will have noticed that there’s a lot more facial hair around than there used to be. Fortunately, most of it’s on men. Beards and mustaches are everywhere: playing football, walking into offices, going out to dinner and posing on the red carpet during film premieres. So what are the coolest timeless beard styles, and how can you get one?


Circle Beard

Top of the popularity poll has to be the Circle Beard. Yes, it’s a beard. In a circle. Which actually means that this beard is a mustache that reaches down to hold hands with your Chin Patch,Goatee,Balbo,Soul Patch or whatever else you’ve got growing down there.


Short Beard

Next up is the Short Beard. This style is definitely not to be confused with “Can’t be bothered to shave today”. This beard means you’ve decided you are a man, and proud enough to show what testosterone can do to your chin in just a few short weeks.


Lumberjack beard Look

This is a head-to-toe package that fuses rugged outdoor fashion with a cleaner-cut city beard style. For the kind of man who likes to cut down trees at the weekends while wearing the latest noise-cancelling headphones.


Handlebar Mustache

Less often seen, but definitely cool, is the Handlebar Mustache. This one starts under your nose and grows horizontally as far as you’re prepared to let it. A triumph of style over gravity, it smiles its way upwards at the ends. Team it up with a short beard to create an ultra-modern look.

Horseshoe Mustache

And last but not least, there’s the Horseshoe Mustache. Cleverly narrowing towards the bottom, it encloses your mouth like a….horseshoe. Documentary director Morgan Spurlock (you may know him from Super Size Me) is proud to wear this mustache. In fact, he claims that all his power and creativity flow from it. Very Mansome.


Know which beard style you want?

First, you have to supply the basic ingredient: facial hair. Thank you. Next, arm yourself with a Philips Norelco Styleshaver. It’s a 3-in-1 tool that shaves, styles and trims anything you can grow on your face.


At one end is a straight-edged, dual-foil shaver for a precision shave. Turn it around and you’ll find a dual trimming head with one full-sized and one precision trimmer. Choose from 12 length settings, starting at 0.03 inches for the full-sized trimmer and just 0.02 inches for the precision trimmer. When you’re done, just wash the whole thing under the tap.