Create the perfect circle beard

Learn to create your own Circle Beard

The Finishing touch to create a Circle Beard

1. Use a beard trimmer to trim your entire face to around 1/8 to 1/5 of an inch.

2. Now with a precision trimmer, draw a gently rounded shape that runs around your mouth, and beneath your chin.

3.Next use your precision trimmer to trim the edges of your mustache, blending it into your rounded goatee.

4.Shave your cheeks and neck clean with your rotary shaver, using steady pressure and a gentle, circular motion. You can add extra definition with a mini foil shaver.

Your ticket to joining the inner circle of the circle bearded

From Kanye West to Brad Pitt, the Circle Beard has a lot of followers. And why not: the superb merger of a trimmed Goatee beard with a mustache lends style and attitude to many a man’s face.

The goatee of a Circle Beard is a little fuller and should have just a hint of a round shape. This means this beard style doesn’t work so well for those with round faces – avoid it or risk looking like a seal balancing a ball on its chin.