How to create and maintain a Balbo beard

Creating the Balbo Beard

Creating the Balbo Beard

1. With a beard style like this it’s easiest if you trim your whiskers first. If you have a beard, you can leave the hairs around your mouth and on your chin longer: give the rest an even trim (around 3-5mm) with a full-size trimmer.

2. With your precision trimmer create the outline of your Balbo beard, which should be about 2-3cm wide at the center of your bottom lip, then curve downward and outward about 6cm on either side of your chin.

3. Carefully start shaving at the outer borders of your beard and move inwards to remove the hairs between the corner of your lips and your Goatee. This forms the oblong shape called the “Chinstrap”. Make sure to leave a rectangle in the middle of the beard, extending from your bottom lip to the Goatee.

4. Still using the precision beard trimmer, create a part in the middle of your moustache. Then trim the top of your mustache with a downward angle following your lip line to the corner of your mouth. Leave a strip of hair about 5mm – 10mm wide. Finish your Handlebar moustache off by combing it outwards and twirling the ends with wax.

5. Give your cheeks and neck a close shave with a rotary shaver, moving in a gentle, circular motion. Use a mini foil shaver to carefully shave around the edges of your beard and mustache.

Styling/maintenance of the Balbo beard look

You’ll need to shave regularly and keep the edges of your Balbo beard sharply defined with a precision shaver. Daily shaping with wax is also needed.


The 3-piece suit of beards

It’s hard not to admire the supreme craftsmanship it takes to put the Balbo Beard together. The Balbo Beard is actually a combination of a Goatee, a Chinstrap, and a Handlebar Mustache.

Only true masters, dedicated to the art of facial hair sculpting, should attempt a Balbo Beard unaided. You’ll need to have grown in a fairly luscious beard before you even get started. Keep in mind the Balbo Beard will accentuate the chin, so it’s better suited to those with square or round faces.