Corindus Robotic-assisted PCI system

Corindus CorPath® 200

Robotic-assisted PCI system

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The Corindus CorPath® 200 is the first system designed to empower PCI with robotic precision.* It enables the placement of coronary guidewires and balloon/stent devices from the safety of a radiation-protected, interventional cockpit.

Robotic-assisted PCI

Robotic-assisted PCI for precise control

The CorPath® 200 system consists of an Articulating Arm with a robotic drive and single-use cassette attached to the patient table. The physician controls the PCI devices using a touchscreen and joystick from a radiation shielded Interventional Cockpit.
Interventional Cockpit

Interventional Cockpit reduces radiation exposure for staff

With this robotic-assisted system, the user works in a lead-screened Interventional Cockpit shielded from radiation exposure. In the PRECISE study, radiation exposure for the primary operator was 95.2% lower than the levels found at the traditional table position.**
Articulating Arm

Articulating Arm works with robotic precision

The Articulating Arm translates physician commands into precise movements and manipulations of commercially available guidewires and balloon/stent catheters. The Arm extends the physician's dexterity with 1 mm discrete movements and offers sub-millimeter measurement capabilities.*
Innovative PCI technology

Innovative PCI technology builds your image

The Corindus CorPath® 200 system is the latest innovation in interventional care. It provides an advanced working environment in the cath lab. This may help your medical facility attract and retain talented healthcare professional staff.
High precision PCI

High precision PCI enhances patient care

This groundbreaking robotic-assisted PCI system from Corindus enables physicians to precisely control stent delivery during heart interventions to enhance patient care.
  • 1 Robotic precision defined as movement of devices by the CorPath® 200
  • 2 JACC – Robotic PCI PRECISE Study clinical trial. The PRECISE Clinical Study was a 164 patient, multi-center non-randomized prospective single arm study. The trial demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the robotic-assisted PCI with outstanding clinical and technical procedural outcomes.
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