A 360° tour around the circle beard

Who’s gota circle beard? Leonardo DiCaprio, George Michael, Kurt Cobain, Kanye West, Brad Pitt and loads of other guys who love beards and having clean-shaven cheeks.

Hot or not?

Round, square and hexagonal Circle Beards are the big thing in celebrity chinwear. The general rule is: the more neatly-shave angles, the more impressive the Circle Beard.


The Circle Beard favors the stealth approach. Quietly and subtly, allow your mustache to grow down south to join your beard. Then one day, shave off everything inside and outside your chosen shape to reveal….your new Circle Beard. Surprise!

Did you know?

The Circular Wheel was invented by Stone-Age Man in about 3500 BC. It may have influenced human development even more than the Circle Beard.


The Circle Beard is the only beard style that you can stroke 360° in either direction until your fingers get dizzy.

Top circle beard tip

A circle actually consists of loads of really short straight lines. Not many people know that. Get the complete step-by-step overview of how-to create a Circle Beard here.