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Your partner in financing healthcare transformation

Discussion on financing healthcare transformation

Wherever your healthcare organization is on the transformation journey, the financing experts at Philips Capital are here to help you make sound financing decisions to make it succeed.

  • Cost-effectively implement new telehealth models and digital workflows
  • Improve clinical and operational value of your investments
  • Improve your environmental performance to drive more efficient use of scarce resources and enable circular service structures

Financing solutions encouraging digital transformation

Key benefits of financing your digital transformation

  • Access the latest IT solutions with minimal or no up-front investment or fully outsource to Philips with Healthcare-as-a-service models
  • Accelerate IT projects by converting up-front investments into predictable payments
  • Efficiently manage and scale IT solutions by matching payments with patient revenues

Listen to our experts

Tugdual de Quenetain picture

The power of collaboration in digital transformation

Tugdual de Quenetain,
Head of Philips Capital Europe

Keshava Lal Picture

Step up digital transformation with flexible IT financing

Keshava Lal,
Head of Project Development and Structured Finance, Philips Capital

Sandra Zeising

How to finance the hospital of the future

Sandra Zeising,
International Program Manager, Philips Medical Capital


Your partner in financing your digital transformation

Make your digital transformation succeed with long term partnerships, new business models and new financing models for the digital age.

Unlock the power of virtual care transformation

Learn about flexible financing models and payment structures that can help you make the move with confidence.

Articles and stories

Financing solutions for fleet management partnerships

Key benefits of Lifecycle Investments

  • Stay up-to-date with latest healthtech solutions
  • Share financial risk to maximize flexibility and better manage fluctuating patient volumes
  • Improve cash flows and optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Customize financing terms and repayment plans to match patient revenues


Alan Williams

Transformative and sustainable ways to deliver ongoing value for UK health systems

Alan Williams,
Head of Philips Capital UKI & Nordics

Stephen McMillan Head of Solutions CoE

Healthcare Strategic Partnerships, Healthcare Solutions & Transformation

Stephen McMillan,
Head of Solutions CoE, Philips UKI


Your partner in maximizing healthcare investments

Learn about how many care providers are turning to service based healthtech solutions and financing as a way to access the latest diagnostic and treatment innovations.

Ownership or Usage?
How to make the best decision when financing medical technologies

Read how to boost your value and return on medical equipment and technologies by choosing the right financing option.

An enterprise wide approach to Lifecycle Investments

Discover how C suite leaders are seeking long term strategic financing partnerships with healthtech companies to optimize enterprise wide medical equipment investments.

The CFO as architect of healthcare value

Discover how to innovate healthcare financing and the role of healthcare financiers in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainity , Complexity, Ambiguity) world.

Articles and stories

Financing Strategies for a Sustainable Health System

Key benefits of Sustainable Healthcare financing

  • A full spectrum of circular financing solutions to meet your specific sustainability needs
  • Equipment management and responsible trade-in options at the end of the financing contract to maximize lifetime value of your healthcare technologies
  • Financing solutions for EcoDesigned and energy efficient products that support decarbonization of healthcare
  • Shared purpose, risk and accountability to leverage sustainable capital investments


Robert Metzke Picture

Your partner in sustainable healthcare financing 

Robert Metzke,
Global Head of Sustainability at Philips

Thorsten Arp Picture

Innovative financing solutions for a circular economy

Thorsten Arp,
Vendor Relationship Director, Société Générale Equipment Finance


Your partner in sustainable healthcare financing

Read how efficient financing structures and flexible payment models can prioritize sustainability across your organization.

Circular financing solutions
Demonstrating how leasing models drive sustainable healthcare

Learn why service based leases are financially sound, affordably structured, and the right financing solution for a circular economy.

Articles and stories

Leading healthcare financing solutions

Healthtech Leases

Keep quality high and costs low by leasing Philips health technology

Extended Payment Terms

Acquire Philips health technology now and pay back over time

Trade Finance

Access working capital solutions to grow your business with Philips

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