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Clinical Professional Services and Education

Create optimal healing environments and improved workflow through assessment, analysis, training, education and consulting related to your Philips patient monitoring solution.

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Implementation and integration services

A portfolio of services to help you deploy new technology sustainably and with minimum impact

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Optimization services

Asset, workflow and clinical practice management to help you perform and continously improve

In order to create optimal healing environments and streamlined workflows while mastering technology, addressing staff satisfaction and driving value-based care, you need to improve both patient outcomes and the patient experience.


Philips offers on-site clinical education and support to create family-centered care environments that are efficient and calm. We help you reduce nuisance alarms in critical care units, catch warning signs of patient deterioration in general care areas, improve family-centered care in the NICU and reduce cases and severity of delirium in critically ill patients.

Empower clinical staff to deliver an improved patient experience.

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Offerings based on your needs*

Philips Clinical Specialists are technicians, doctors and nurses who deeply understand clinical environments and how to get the most out of Philips Patient Monitoring technology. They leverage this expertise in working alongside their counterparts in your hospital, in these areas:

Clinical education and training

We use data-driven analysis to inform ways to make clinical environments more advantageous to staff and patients. You can schedule education sessions as they become relevant to you, strengthening your knowledge and honing your skills over time.

Alarm management

Alarm noise in critical care environments is a top contributor to medical errors while causing unnecessary stress and burden on caregivers and patients. Using a proven, data-driven approach, our Clinical Specialists work alongside you to reduce nuisance alarms and support a more stress-free care environment.

Early recognition of patient deterioration

Identifying a worsening patient requires the ability to recognize subtle changes in their condition. An automated early warning scoring solution can help you do this. We help you integrate workflows that leverage rich and contextual patient information and clinical decision support – so you can make confident decisions about care, fast.

Neurodevelopmental care in the NICU

We support caregivers in their work to create a NICU that is family-centric and that promotes babies’ comfort. Our training and workshops are designed to help your care team implement clinically proven measures that affect preemies most, with a focus on addressing newborns’ physiological and developmental needs.

Delirium management

We aim to support hospitals in reducing the incidence and severity of delirium in critically ill patients, enhancing the recovery process and reducing length of stay. The components Philips delivers are part of the VitalMinds delirium management bundle and include light and sound management, a personalized light therapy system to provide circadian-effective lighting, as well as training and consulting services for delirium management.

*These services are market dependent. Please contact your local Philips representative for more information.

Services that consistently prove their value

Current needs

Extract more value from your patient monitoring technology by giving your staff the right knowledge, education and skills.

Proactive needs

Proactively reduce nuisance alarms and respond to early signs that patients are worsening in order to prevent harm.

Predictive needs

Ongoing education and training can help you continually improve.

Benefits supporting the quadruple aim

Better health outcomes

Better health outcomes icon

  • Reduced clinical variability helps improve patient outcomes with monitoring solutions that optimize data
  • Timely, consistent responses to alarms and patient deterioration improve quality of care
  • Predictive analytics and early warning scoring systems reduce emergency responses to codes and ICU admissions

Improved patient experience

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  • Reduced alarms and noise improve patient comfort
  • Tailored workflow solutions support more effective responses to patients’ true condition
  • Targeted delirium management helps enhance recovery process and length of stay

Lower cost of care

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  • Early warning scoring may lower ICU (re) admissions and shorten length of stay for lower costs and utilization
  • Streamlined operations and improved workflows help to reduce costs
  • Time savings help free up capacity and resources for other purposes
  • Environmental and process assessments, coupled with technology, can drive workflow evolution and achieve agreed KPI improvements

Improved staff experience

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  • A less stressful, quieter work environment for less staff burnout
  • Patient harm as a result of over-alarming can have costly repercussions including transfers to the ICU, extended length of stay and litigation
  • Enhanced working conditions and better technology help improve staff experience and retain talent

Customer feedback and results

There is so much information available, but we really needed the help of the consultants at Philips who knew how to analyze the data and could help us see how to use the technology to improve our care environment.”

Dr. J.W. Wirds, anesthesiologist, St. Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

Early detection of patient deterioration has reduced incidence of serious events in the general ward.1

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reduction in cardiac arrest1

Improving care quality through alarm management has improved clinical practice and workflow.2

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decrease in non-actionable alarms

from baseline of 237 alarms per bed per day2

Top features

Range of services customized to care areas throughout your hospital

Environmental and workflow assessments

Delivered by Clinical Specialists and Application Consultants with Philips patient monitoring expertise

Face-to-face on-site support

Flexible training and education for existing staff and new hires

Tiered engagement models that can be customized to fit your needs

A proven process

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Determining your needs

We work closely with your team to understand the status quo and identify areas where we can help. This gives us in-depth knowledge of your clinical environment, existing workflows, culture and goals.

A customized approach

We identify and implement improvement strategies in specific clinical areas - from alarm management in critical care to early patient deterioration detection in the general ward, to family-centered care coaching in the NICU.

Comprehensive support for clinicians, by clinicians

Philips Clinical Service professionals collaborate with you as clinical peers, offering experience-based advice and guidance.

A focus on data analytics

Our team leverages data and analysis to propose relevant education for your staff.

Continuous improvement

We put our deep experience with Philips Patient Monitoring technologies and the various hospital environments to work for you – and help deliver to your clinical KPI’s.

Decision flows

Our team provides insight to help clinicians with the day-to-day planning and actions to support efficient and effective practices.

A long-term partner

We stay engaged at check-in points to gauge performance and consult on course correction.

Resources to explore our offerings


Are you a nurse who has alarm fatigue?

Clinical leaders share early warning scoring advice and insights.

Delivering a new care model through NICU training.

Delivering a new care model through NICU training video thumbnail

White papers & articles

A study reviewing the evidence on EWS and improving rapid response team performance.

Alarm management from signal to action.

Identifying potentially deteriorating patients on the general floor.


A strategic approach to alarm and noise management.


Comprehensive guide of current clinical services courses related to Philips Patient Monitoring solutions.

Tiered service options

Delivered by Philips experienced Clinical Specialists, our services and education empower your staff to make full use of technology and apply best practices. Choose from three categories: Essential, Enhance and Excel. Each offering delivers a variety of clinical professional services designed to support you at the stage of your technology journey you’re at – from implementation to advanced usage.

Tiered service options infographic


Essential is about creating a solid foundation of knowledge that can be built upon and expanded in the future. It lays the groundwork for using products and technology in a safe, effective way.


Empowered staff can use patient monitoring technology effectively and confidently, so you can realize the benefits soon after implementation.


Enhance goes beyond the basics, giving you a deeper insight into how a product really works and its features.


Equipment and workflow configured to fit your needs supports staff to make informed decisions to enable them to focus more on patients.


Excel takes your staff’s knowledge to a new level. We work with you to define KPI’s and help you manage the logistical and cultural changes necessary to achieve your goals.


Effective use of technology, consistent protocols and improved workflow can increase quality of care and boost both staff and patient satisfaction.

Value and smart investing

Philips Clinical Professional Services and Education aim to help resolve workflow inefficiencies that lead to patient complications, unwanted clinical variation and cost.


We aim to bring value through:

  • Streamlining processes
  • Freeing up clinicians to focus on patients truly in need
  • Reducing lengths of stay
  • Improving clinical staff productivity
  • Balancing standardization with customization

Flexible budgeting is a priority for every organization

Philips offers comprehensive Clinical Professional Services, from basic functionality to advanced clinical decision support. It can be purchased in flexible ways, so you don’t have to buy it à la carte, driving efficiency, cost savings and sustainability over time.


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Education and training

In our Clinical Services Catalog, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to our current courses around Philips Patient Monitoring solutions. Read more in our Learning Connection.


1 Subbe CP, Duller B, Bellomo R. Effect of an automated notification system for deteriorating ward patients on clinical outcomes. Crit Care. 2017 Mar 14;21(1):52.

2 At Centre Hospitalier de Tourcoing, France

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