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Our solutions allow patients to get back to living an active life faster and more seamlessly than ever before. Hear stories from patients and physicians who have benefited from the Philips portfolio of minimally invasive image guided therapy solutions. Learn about their journeys below.

Patient and physician stories

Dr. Diego Hernandez and Stephen Marshall

Stephen lives in the Chicago area with his wife and three dogs that they do plenty of activities with. One day when Stephen was 13, he stood up from a haircut and passed out from swelling in his legs along with pain in his legs and pelvis. Now being twenty-seven, Stephen was tired of the ongoing symptoms, and began seeing Dr. Hernandez for his peculiar case. Under Dr. Hernandez’s care, Stephen was diagnosed using the Philips’ Visions PV .035 digital IVUS catheter in an OBL setting.

Dr. Paul Gagne, Dr. George Adams, Dr. Carl Fastaben, Dr. Cindy Grines, Dr. Brooke Spencer

Philips provides physicians with the technology to make the right diagnosis with little radiation, helping improve patient outcomes and efficiencies. In Amsterdam in 2017, a group of physicians from around the world conducted a think-tank to discuss the contribution of Philips in the ultrasound and imaging space.

Dr. Abdul R. Halabi and Cathy Eddy

Cathy is a Michigan local, who loved to walk her dog until she had a minor foot surgery that would not heal completely. She discovered that there was a blockage in her right leg and total a blockage in her left thigh. After a stress test diagnosing her condition, she found Dr. Halabi.

Ian lives in southwest London and is a father of three children. As a family ritual, every Sunday Ian and his family would take out the bikes and go for a ride, followed by Sunday lunch at the local pub. Then one day Ian experienced shortness of breath while shopping with his children, so he went to Dr. Al-lame.

Dr. Karan Reddy and Randall Caswell

Randall is a self-taught musician who plays in his own one-man, five-piece band in Florida. He had three main grafts in his heart, one of which had scar tissue grow into it. Randall began experiencing circulation issues and loss of breath, which impacted his harmonica playing, so he began seeing Dr. Reddy.



Videos and content included on this page is made available by Philips with permission from the featured physicians and patients. The opinions and clinical experiences presented herein are specific to the featured physicians and the featured patients and are for information purposes only. The results from their experiences may not be predictive for all patients. Individual results may vary depending on a variety of patient-specific attributes and related factors. Nothing herein is intended to provide specific medical advice or to take the place of written law or regulations.

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