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AED’s saves lives in the GYM

Why don’t you consider implementing this device in your gymnasium?

Gym shocking survivals!

Have you ever heard of “AEDs”?? Probably, you haven’t.  Nowadays, we hear about sudden cardiac attacks (SCA), which affects many people regardless of their age. Thus, it’s about time to know that AEDs are your life saviors! Not only is this amazing invention accessible to every single person, regardless their age, but it also decreases the risks of (SCA). Imagine that kind of device. It’s certainly a “Life-Saver”.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a device that checks a person’s heart and delivers an electric shock if it has stopped beating normally. In fact, AEDs should be used immediately after SCA, with the survival rate dropping by 7% to 10% each minute the person is left untreated.

All you want to know about AEDs, how to use it and where it should be placed is set out in this article: “The Spark of Life”.

Why don’t you consider implementing this device in your gymnasium? The more there are AEDs in your gym, the greater the chance that someone who suffers from (SCA) may be saved.

In a sudden cardiac arrest emergency, time is crucial. For example, Mamdouh Abel Alleem, a renowned Egyptian celebrity, died suddenly, a year ago in the gym due to SCA. He had no chance to survive for a lack of AEDs in gym. In fact, responders take an average of 8-12 minutes to arrive to the scene, that’s why having an AED in gym makes a fundamental difference between life and death. Therefore, coaches in charge should be fully trained to use it in case of any emergencies that might occur to any athlete.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 10,000 sudden cardiac deaths occur each year while victims are at work. Many of these victims might have been saved if AEDs were available. The American Heart Association (AHA) supports placing AEDs in businesses and office complexes. As such, it’s high time to consider keeping AEDs, at least two, in gym prior to granting any license. It’s the role of governments to strictly implement this as a rule in all public places, globally. Moreover, many high-priced products burden the consumer, paying for more than what he gets. However, with “Philips AED”, you put your life on the line’.

It is time that we all work together to eliminate preventable deaths from SCA, which continue to occur all too often. Establishing Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) in gymnasiums that include training of all coaches as well as athletes will greatly reduce the risk that we all face from SCA; a disaster that affects literally everyone.  It’s a monster that knows no boundaries.

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