Xcelera Cardiology Enterprise viewer

Xcelera Cardiology Enterprise Viewer

Cardiology Enterprise viewer

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For Xcelera customers, Xcelera Cardiology Enterprise offers rapid, 24/7 access that simplifies information sharing and speeds up workflow. It makes relevant patient information readily available at virtually any workplace to enhance patient care.

Access to clinical information

Access to clinical information accelerates workflow

For clinical Xcelera customers, the Xcelera Cardiology Enterprise Viewer offers access to all information present in Xcelera from any internet-connected computer at anytime, resulting in a faster workflow and simplified sharing of information.
Secure viewing application

Secure viewing application is easy to manage

For IT managers, Xcelera Cardiology Enterprise Viewer represents an affordable, secure, and easily administered viewing application for all information stored in Xcelera. An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) interface enables direct access to Xcelera Cardiology Enterprise Viewer from the EMR (without a double log-in or double patient and study search). End users can view images or reports simply by clicking the link in the EMR screen.