HD15 Ultrasound system


Ultrasound system

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Philips HD15 PureWave ultrasound system is the go-to system to efficiently manage a large patient load. Advanced diagnostic tools streamline routine exams. Superb images help you confidently diagnose technically challenging patients.

QLAB quantifying data to enhance workflow

QLAB quantifying data to enhance workflow

QLAB provides automated and objective methods for quantifying ultrasound data to enhance your workflow. A full suite of plug-ins is available to customize QLAB’s capabilities to suit your needs.
PureWave enhances visibility

PureWave enhances visibility

PureWave crystal technology improves penetration in difficult-to-image patients; revealing details of fine structures and increasing exam efficiency.
iSCAN saves time

iSCAN saves time

iSCAN image optimization is a one-button push that automatically adjusts multiple parameters to quickly achieve a high-quality image quality in 2D, color and Doppler exams.
SonoCT and XRES

SonoCT and XRES for exceptional imaging

SonoCT imaging technology uses transmit beam-steering techniques to obtain exceptionally high-quality images through compound imaging. XRES adaptive image processing reduces artifacts and enhances margin and border definition for enhanced diagnostic review. SonoCT and XRES working in tandem display images boosting your diagnostic confidence and allowing you to make patient management decisions quickly.
Microfine EX focusing

Microfine EX focusing with 5 times more focal points

Microfine EX focusing provides dynamic receive lens tuning with 5 times more focal points than previous generation systems for superb image sharpness and uniformity.