QLAB Quantification software

QLAB obstetrics and gynecology analysis

Quantification software

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QLAB is designed to make it easy to get the data necessary to drive decisions that can result in quality patient care and efficiencies. View and interrogate data on-cart and off-cart to enhance department workflow efficiencies.

Elastography Analysis (EA)

Elastography Analysis (EA) provides decision support

This Q-app provides strain elastography analysis of tissue deformation based on an elastogram and provides decision support for tissue stiffness.
Women's health 3DQ

Women's health 3DQ for advanced viewing and quantification

3D tools that support the viewing and quantification of 3D data sets. QLAB allows you to view, crop, rotate, access, and use all vision controls, and perform everyday measurements on 3D ultrasound data sets.
MicroVascular Imaging (MVI)

MicroVascular Imaging (MVI) enhances vessel conspicuity

Maps contrast agent progression and enhances vessel conspicuity.
Vascular Plaque Quantification

Vascular Plaque Quantification to quantify atherosclerosis

Vascular Plaque Quantification is a non-invasive tool that uses 3D technology to visualize and quantify both the overall volume of vascular plaque in the carotid artery and the percent area of vessel reduction, as well as other characteristics of plaque composition. VPQ may prove to be a valuable tool to aid in determining who is at an increased risk of stroke or cardiovascular disease based on this important measurement of plaque buildup in the carotid artery.
Women's Health Quantification

Women's Health Quantification aids in contrast analysis

Aids in the review and analysis of contrast wash-in/wash-out intensities, expressing that data in an easy-to-interpret, color-coded format.
Fetal Heart Navigation

Fetal Heart Navigation helps evaluate the fetal heart

Provides a semi-automated protocol using 3D datasets to evaluate the fetal heart. Automates the initial ductal arch view and guides the novice user in obtaining views recommended in the ISUOG Fetal Cardiac Screening Guidelines.
Region of Interest (ROI)

Region of Interest (ROI)

Designed for both contrast and 2D imaging to increase the consistency and reliability of acoustic measurements.