RUSleeping Screening

RUSleeping RTS


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The immediate in-home solution for patients who are on a waiting list for a polysomnography (PSG). The RUSleeping RTS is an easy-to-use, same-day, objective method for patients who can't be scheduled for a PSG right away due to backlog.

Real-time data

Real-time data informs you instantly of apneic events

By immediately discovering if your patients have a low or high apneic score, you can quickly and easily determine their need for a PSG. You can use the objective RUSleeping RTS data to talk to patients about the possibility of sleep apnea. This may help overcome their reluctance about the need for a complete PSG and get them one step closer to diagnosis and treatment.
Practical design

Practical design for convenient operation

The lightweight and compact RUSleeping RTS provides continuous apneic event scoring. It is convenient to operate and can be re-used. No accessory equipment, software or electrical outlet is needed. Patient instructions are short and simple.
Versatile display

Versatile display for easy readout

Once the patient awakens, the total apneic events for the night are displayed. The patient presses a button once to see the average hourly apneic events, and then presses the button again to display the number of events by hour. The results can be mailed or called in to the clinician's. It's that simple—no additional software or interpretation is needed.
Easy to use

Easy to use for patients at home

The unit consists of the RUSleeping device, a nasal cannula and a battery. It easily clips onto a patient's garment or can be positioned on the bed or pillow. As the cannula starts to sense respiratory airflow, the device will record apneic events. If the patient's breathing decreases 50 percent or more for 10 seconds or longer (considered an apneic event), the RUSleeping RTS records the information on the LCD readout.
Advanced airflow-pressure technology

Advanced airflow-pressure technology for accurate recording

Advanced airflow-pressure technology for accurate recording
Re-usable device

Re-usable device for cost-effective screening

The RUSleeping RTS provides same-day results, but can be worn repeatedly to validate the first night's readings. When you are satisfied with the results, the patient can mail back the device, leaving you free to screen other patients at low additional costs.
Nine-hour recording time

Nine-hour recording time for a full night's results

Nine-hour recording time for a full night's results
Error detection capability

Error detection capability for reliable results

If the cannula becomes displaced from the nose or mouth area, or is unable to sense adequate airflow for 12 minutes, an error message is displayed on the LCD for each hour of monitoring in which the condition recurred.
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General system
General system
Kit contents
  • one RUSleeping RTS device, one AAA battery, one cannula, one reusable traveler box for returning to the physician, 75 user manual/response cards, and one provider's manual
  • 3" W x 2" H x 0.35" D in
  • 1.7 (without battery) oz
  • 1.5 V DC AAA battery
Storage Capacity
  • 9 hours of data storage hour(s)