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Clinical Specialties

  • Anesthesia


    The OR needs anesthesia solutions that meet the needs of today’s data-driven requirements and cover the full range of perioperative care.

  • Cardiology


    Innovative cardiology solutions that accelerate workflow, increase efficiency, and offer clinical insight

  • Critical Care

    Critical Care

    Deliver high-quality, affordable critical care with tools that provide actionable information to speed decision-making and early patient intervention

  • Home Respiratory Care

    Home Respiratory Care

    Respiratory therapy solutions from Philips Respironics to help treat and manage respiratory diseases at home.

  • Mother & Child Care

    Mother & Child Care

    From pregnancy to NICU to the transition home, Philips offers a broad portfolio of neonatal care solutions for each stage of Developmental Care.

  • Oncology


    There is a big need to diagnose and treat patients in efficient settings with a focus on the best care. With Philips, the future of personalized oncology is within your reach.

  • Seamless radiology

    Seamless radiology

    Find radiology solutions that help you deliver quality clinical outcomes while enhancing the patient experience.

  • Sleep Apnea Care

    Sleep Apnea Care

    Solutions for sleep apnea diagnosis, therapy and long-term compliance from Philips Respironics.

Business and government

  • Workplace and community AED

    Workplace and community AED

    Philips AED solutions with Life Guidance help give you the confidence to act quickly and decisively, and lead the way to save a life.

Non-clinical specialties

  • Healthcare Management

    Healthcare Management

    Many of the care delivery models that have served well in the past will not deliver quality & financial outcomes needed for a sustainable future

  • Integrated Healthcare

    Integrated Healthcare

    Creating connected care through clinical informatics solutions that simplifyworkflow, reduce errors and improve outcomes.

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