How to grow full beard

Tips to create your own full beard, the Mac Daddy of beards

1. Give yourself a few weeks of grow time – this mac daddy beard style is worth the wait.


2. Growing a Full Beard is no reason to look like a hobo. Maintain your neck hair, and stray cheek hairs, with regular shaves using your rotary shaver in a gentle, circular motion. Tip: Don’t shave too close or the difference between your neck hair and the foliage slowly growing over you face will look strangely out-of-sync.


3. After several weeks of growth your beard is probably looking pretty unkempt. Use your beard trimmer with a comb or zoom wheel at the 3rd or 4th level to even out the length and get rid of any stragglers.


4. Once your beard has filled out nicely you can begin to shape it, using a longer setting on your beard comb or zoom wheel. The zoom wheel gives you total, reliable control over the length settings.

5. If you want to create a nice soft point out of your beard, remember to increase the length settings as you move from your cheeks to your chin.


6. Remember to first trim, then shave the extra hairs off your cheeks and neck, plus any areas (like below the mouth) where you want to create definition. Use a rotary shaver in a gentle circular motion on your cheeks and neck; for smaller, tighter spaces first trim with a precision trimmer then clean up with a mini foil shaver.


Trim and shape your beard as needed. Enjoy!