How to create an original goatee

You've wondered for years what you would look like with lip fur, and now that the 'stache is back, there's no better moment to find out.

The Goatee, not to be confused with the Van Dyke, can be traced back to ancient Greece where it was inspired by the goatish good looks of the god Pan. Today, it has lost none of its appeal and is a favorite of the always-cool Johnny Depp, who often pairs his with a mustache. Abraham Lincoln was also a fan of the Goatee, but wore his in a more conservative, wider form. The Goatee provides excellent coverage for those with triangular faces or pointy chins.

1. Trim your whiskers to around 3-5mm to make them easier to style.


2. Use a full-size trimmer without the beard-trimming comb to create a neat boundary, the outline of your Goatee, on the hair around your chin. The width is up to you. Wider goatees suit longer faces. Extra tip: You can use your full-size trimmer to clip the remaining hair from your cheek and neck area, making smooth and gentle movements against the hair growth.

3. Now use your precision trimmer to create a triangle (or rounded shape) under your lower lip, carefully touching the edges of the hair with the trimmer to form well-defined lines. Extra tip: be sure to hold the trimmers upright during use.

4. Place the beard and mustache comb – or the zoom wheel – at the 3rd or 4th position (or the setting of your choice) to reduce the length of your goatee.

5. Shave your cheeks and neck clean with a rotary shaver, moving in a gentle, circular motion. A mini foil shaver is ideal for shaving your mustache and the tighter areas around your beard. Extra tip - As your Goatee grows in you can create different effects by graduating the length of your trimming comb across your style.

Styling / maintenance

Keep the area round your Goatee cleanly shaved with a Philips shaver, and use the trimming comb to keep your Goatee at the length you prefer.