How to create a poet's beard

Learn how to create a Poet’s beard

Step by step guidance on how to create a Poet's Beard

If you’ve got any whiskers (we know you’re going for the Poet’s Beard, so it’s unlikely) give your face an even trim (around 1/8 to 1/5 of an inch) with a full-size trimmer.


Use a precision trimmer to sculpt the hair at the point of your chin, allowing it to taper back towards your neck for about about 4/5 of an inch. Depending on your preference you can wear it with or without the Soul Patch.


Give your cheeks, upper lip and neck a clean shave with a rotary shaver, moving in a gentle, circular motion. Use the mini foil shaver on the areas around your Poet’s Beard to create more definition.

Styling/maintenance your Poet’s Beard


Keep your beard trimmed, and fend off any other hairs that may start to sprout.


O Beard hair, beard hair wherefore are thou?

Someone must have put a lot of thought into coming up with the Poet’s Beard, because it certainly isn’t a beard of action. That said, it does start to grow on you…particularly if you’re in your late teens, and a late bloomer.


Kidding aside, the Poet’s Beard is a good first attempt. It’s a reasonable toe-dip into the shallow end of the beard pool. Meaning this beard is not offensive enough or obvious enough to make much of an impact on anyone’s face – so give it a shot.