Taming and trimming the holiday fuzz

So, did you let it all hang out over the holidays and grow a bit of a beard? Never fear, our resident male grooming expression expert, Dr. Allan Peterkin is on hand to give you some shaving tips on the best way to prepare your skin for a close and comfortable wet shave to get rid of that surplus fuzz.



Shaving preparation for the big deforestation

The initial reaction would be to quickly and swiftly remove the unruly forest of facial hair which has slowly but surely rooted itself to your face. However, precautionary shaving measures must be taken before taking the plunge. If you do not prepare the hair first, the experience can be seriously uncomfortable and in many cases painful.


Groom before the plunge: Some advice from expert Dr. Peterkin on male grooming expression

“Trying to shave through a thicket of long whiskers makes the regular ritual of shaving a beard more painful and time consuming. To avoid a clog, break out a beard trimmer or hair clipper to trim the whiskers as short as possible (use a short blade guard or no guard at all, if you can do so without cutting yourself). It’s easiest to trim hair when dry because it will stand up and reach the motorized teeth. When the whiskers are wet, they lie flat against the skin and the trimmer won’t provide a close and even trim.


Some brave men with particularly resilient skin can get away with using a manual razor on dry hair, but it’s not a recommended method of eradicating facial fuzz.


Without softening the facial hair first, using heat and warm water, you’ll feel the tug on each and every whisker as the blades pass.


Moisture from warm water and a quality shaving gel or cream softens the beard and skin and reduces friction between the razor and skin, making the entire chore a much more comfortable shaving experience. That's why most dermatologists recommend shaving in the shower or immediately after. It is also a reason a barber drapes warm, wet towels on your face before using a cutthroat straight razor.”


Shaving in the shower

If you like shaving in the shower and don’t think an electric shaver is for you – think again. With the Philips Norelco PowerTouch with Aquatec you can shave comfortably and quickly in the shower. Its Aquatech technology means the shaver can be used safely in any wet conditions; the shower, at the sink or even in the bath. Now you can ensure your facial hair and skin are suitably warmed before beginning your shave and don’t hesitate to use creams or gels for a more comfortable experience with the ease and speed that an electric shaver provides.



So to conclude:


1. Initially trim the hair as short as possible while dry with an electric trimmer

2. Warm the face either in the shower or with a warm wet cloth before shaving your beard


3. Shave using gel or cream for a more comfortable shave


4. Enjoy a smooth fuzz free face!


*Reprinted with permission from the book The Bearded Gentleman: The Style Guide to Shaving Face by Allan Peterkin and Nick Burns (Arsenal Pulp Press)