How to grow a pyramid mustache

Learn how to grow a Pyramid Mustache.

Create your own Pyramid Mustache in four steps!


1. To prepare your face, give yourself an even trim, to around 1/8 to 1/5 of an inch–leave your mustache hairs longer.


2. With a precision trimmer, start at the base of your nose and create a diagonal, downward borders to the corner of your mouth. Then use it to make sure the base of the mustache is clear of your top lip.


3. Using a beard trimmer, trim your mustache – a proper Pyramid is quite short.


4. Give yourself a clean shave with a rotary shaver, moving in a gentle, circular motion; you’ll want to use a mini foil shaver to carefully shave along the edges of your Pyramid Mustache.


Styling/maintenance your Pyramid Mustache

Maintain the borders of your Pyramid Mustache with a stubble or precision trimmer and keep it neat with your mini foil shaver.


Created by beings of unworldly intelligence?

This is a lovely, sophisticated mustache and as such it takes a little skill to get right. The good news is that this mustache doesn’t require too much patience to grow it in.


A basic Pyramid Mustache has a wider base, which narrows slightly as it reaches the nose. Depending on how skilled you are you can create more, or less, of a curve. A properly built pyramid mustache will suit most face shapes.