How to grow military mustache

Learn how to create your own Military Mustache

How to create your own Military Mustache in four steps.


1. To start with, trim all of the whiskers on your face to about 1/8 to 1/5 of an inch with a full-size trimmer: use a longer setting on your mustache so you have more hair to play with.


2. Now pick up your precision trimmer. You’ll need to use military precision when trimming the top edge of the Military Mustache. The horizontal line should be dead straight but the edges should have a slight curve, extending just a quarter inch past your mouth.


3. Use the comb on your all-in-one groomer to comb then trim the bottom edge of the Military Mustache. A zoom wheel will help ensure it’s a uniform length, and ends just above your top lip.


4. Use a rotary shaver to carefully shave all the hairs on your chin, cheeks and neck, moving in a gentle, circular motion.



You’ll need to maintain your Military Mustache daily with a precision trimmer, followed by a mini foil shaver–to keep it looking sharp, and your powers intact.

Your marching orders…

If there is one mustache style that has done more for facial hair enthusiasts than any other, it’s the Military Mustache. Think of it as the Governor General of mustaches.


These days the style is better known as the Cop ‘Stache, probably because police officers have long recognized its ability to communicate instant, almost unlimited powers. If you’ve got a square face shape and defined jaw line, or a badge, this military mustache is the mustache for you.


An “official” Cop ‘Stache or Military Mustache should not extend more than a quarter of an inch beyond the corners of your mouth. Any longer and you’ll be moving into Tom Selleck’s famed Chevron Mustache territory. The top of the Military Mustache should be curved at the edges, and the lower edge should not grow over the lip.