How to Groom For A Job Interview

Tips on how to groom for a job interview

A few grooming and dress tips on how you can score some bonus points during your big day...


Hair today

Hair styling is a great place to start and the best advice we can give you is to keep it simple. A short back and sides look is a great way to look level headed and in control. Save yourself some money on gel and avoid the spikey hair. We recommend getting a haircut a couple of days prior to your interview as it gives off the impression that you care about the job and that you mean business. If you’re short on time, do yourself a favor and invest in some DIY Hair Clippers. Also, make sure you have a shower on the morning of your interview. Keep it clean and feel confident to score a solid first impression.


Groom with a view

If you asked most “professionals” about what grooming style they’d recommend for an interview, 99 out of 100 people would advise you to go clean shaven to give off the impression of being distinguished. We here at Philips Norelco prefer to shake things up a bit and think most industries are now much more open to interviewees with facial hair.


The only thing to remember is that if you’re wearing facial hair it must, repeat MUST, be well trimmed. Going into an interview with unkempt beard or mustache is as good as wondering in with a sign saying “Don’t hire me” around your neck (although they probably dig that kind of direct marketing if you work in advertising)


The Wrong Trousers

Over the last couple of years a fashion has emerged for men to wear figure hugging tight Mad Men suits with trousers so tight that sitting cross legged in an interview without a table in front of you is practically indecent. To avoid raising some eyebrows at your interview why not opt for a suit with a well-fitted jacket and a more relaxed, straight leg trouser? Trust us, it’s better for everyone in the room.


Sock it to them!

Most of you will be saying, why do socks matter? We’ll tell you why they matter: a man’s socks are just as important as his shoes. If you’re wearing a lovely pair of shoes and you pair them with white gym socks, it shows a lack of attention to detail. Our final bit of advice would be to choose socks in a strong primary color, preferably a blue as this gives off a calming vibe.

So men, suit up, trim on and land the job you deserve!