How to create a Dallas mustache

Create your own Dallas Mustache in five simple steps!


1. Trim away any longer hairs before giving yourself a nice, clean shave across your cheeks, neck and chin with a full-size trimmer, to about 3-5mm.


2. Wait for your mustache to grow. Trim away any stray hairs along the top edge of your mustache, using a precision trimmer.


3. Train your whiskers by brushing them downwards over your upper lip.


4. Trim your mustache as needed: a full-size trimmer with a zoom wheel will help you set and lock your chosen length setting. Use a precision trimmer to shape the ends as needed, creating a rounded edge about 0.5cm beyond the edge of your mouth.


5. Keep the rest of your cheeks, chin and neck cleanly shaven with a rotary shaver, moving in a gentle, circular motion. After a few months you can look forward to using your mustache as a soup strainer.



You may want to shampoo your Dallas Mustache regularly, as well as trim it.