5 o'clock shadow in 5 minutes

The 5 o’clock shadow beard really made its mark in the mid-eighties, thanks to people like George Michael and Don Johnson from Miami Vice. Back then the 5 o'clock shadow beard was called “designer stubble” and like dancing in the movie Footloose, the beard was even banned by some companies for being too edgy. But while big bleached hair and tiny day-glo shorts are a thing of the past, this beard style is back and better than ever.


The 5 o’clock shadow or stubble beard of today is smart and well-groomed. It requires a little effort on your part to maintain as the first two days are easy. Simply avoid the razor for 48 hours (one day if your hair grows fast).Then create a lower border by shaving along the line where your chin meets your neck and remove all hair below it.There’s no excuse for an unkempt neck so keep it clean men. Remember a good shadow is sexy – scruffy is definitely not.


Using a trimmer, clip your whiskers to a nice, uniform length. Along the edges of your beard, choose a setting that is one step shorter than before. This will blend the edges to create a more natural stubble beard look.


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