How to treat your skin after shaving

Learn how to treat your skin after shaving.

Make dry and itchy skin a thing of the past. Why suffer when a few simple tips and tricks can prevent this uncomfortable feeling? Learn how to treat your skin after shaving.


1. Don’t shave with foam or soap: Consider shaving dry

If you usually shave with foam, then try shaving without it. Foam or any kind of soap has the tendency to dry your skin. You could try shaving dry. If you’ve never tried it before then check out the How to shave dry video.


2. Apply alcohol-free aftershave

If you like to use aftershave, then choose an alcohol-free one, since alcohol will dehydrate your skin.


3. Use a cream to hydrate your skin after shaving instead

Alternatively, you could consider applying a caring balm that matches your -skin -. This will rehydrate your skin immediately after shaving when it has a tendency to dry out most.


4. Give your skin a rest

If your skin remains dry and you can see that shaving is making it worse, then give your skin a complete break from shaving. Explore the Style section of the Grooming app and ‘try on’ some beard styles to see which suits you best.

There are more ways you can maximize your shave and look your best. Make sure you explore the Philips Norelco Grooming app to find out more