How to shave dry

Prefer a fast and comfortable shave? Here is some expert guidance on how you get a great clean shave quickly, with a dry shave.


1. Pre-trim

If you didn't shave for some days and have more than short stubble, then pre-trim before shaving. You could use your trimmer or styler attachment to trim your stubble.


2. Dry your skin
When shaving dry, it is important to have dry skin before starting to shave, because moist skin (without lubrication from gel or foam) hampers smooth movement of the shaver on the face. So if you have a shower or wash your face, wait at least 5 minutes for it to dry completely.


3.Choose a comfort setting

If you have a shaver like the Philips Norelco Shaver series 9000 with different comfort settings, then make sure your shaver is set to the ‘fast’ setting.

4.Shave gently in circular motions

Shave with small, circular motions. Always start shaving with light pressure, especially in sensitive areas where it’s important to be gentle. Pressing the shaver too hard doesn't help you to shave faster and it can cause skin irritation because of increased friction between the shaver and your skin.


5.Final pass
For an even closer shave, increase the pressure at the end, while moving against the grain. Again, be careful in sensitive areas.


6.Shaving difficult hairs

In case you have trouble catching those last hairs, stretch your skin a little using your hand, to raise those hairs and shave the spots that are difficult to reach.


7. Balm or aftershave

Apply an aftershave or balm for that extra fresh sensation and you are ready to go.


8. Clean the shaver

Do not forget to clean your shaver afterwards for optimal shaving performance and hygiene. Clean it with lots of lukewarm water, shake off excess water and lay it down open to dry. Or, if you have the Philips Norelco SmartClean system, simply place it inside and your shaver will be ready for your next shave.


How regularly should you shave?

For the best results and to keep your skin used to the electric shaver, it's best to shave at least three times a week.